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State of Connecticut Rolling Grant Opportunities

Don't miss the chance to empower your town or city.

Upcoming Grants

Connecticut State Grants: Opportunities for Municipalities**

Dive into our comprehensive list of Connecticut-focused state grants tailored for municipalities. These unique opportunities generally come with a rolling application process, ensuring continuous chances for communities to benefit.


Our track record? More than a 70% award rate for applications.

Interested in maximizing your chances? Reach out to Bryan for detailed guidance and information. Together, we can make your community's aspirations a reality.

Remember to stay updated on the exact application deadlines and the availability of these grants by regularly checking their official websites.

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List & Links

Here is a list of potential state grant opportunities available in 2024 in Connecticut for municipalities that have rolling deadlines. Please note that the actual availability of these programs can vary, and it's always best to check with the official channels for the most current information.

  1. Connecticut Department of Housing – Small Cities Community Development Program: This grant program assists local governments with various community development activities. They offer rolling admissions.

  2. Connecticut Office of Policy and Management - Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program: This grant provides municipalities with funding to support a broad range of activities to prevent and control crime and improve the criminal justice system.

  3. Connecticut State Department of Education - Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Grant: This grant offers funds for special education and related services for children with disabilities.

  4. Department of Economic and Community Development - Brownfield Grant Program: This program provides funding for municipalities to assess, remediate and revitalize brownfield sites.

  5. Connecticut Commission on Culture & Tourism - Good to Great Grant Program: This state grant supports projects that enhance museum and historical organizations for the betterment of community engagement.

  6. Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection - Open Space and Watershed Land Acquisition Grant: These grants assist local governments in purchasing open space using funding from the Community Investment Act and the 2005 Community, Conservation and Housing Bond.

  7. Connecticut State Department of Education – Federal and State Grant Opportunities: Various grants available to support educational initiatives.

  8. Connecticut Department of Public Health - Community Health & Prevention Grants: These grants fund a variety of programs aimed at promoting community wellness.

  9. Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development - Manufacturing Assistance Act (MAA) Grant Program: This program funds manufacturers who are modernizing and creating jobs.

  10. Connecticut Department of Transportation - Local Transportation Capital Improvement Program (LOTCIP): This provides federal funds to urbanized areas of the state for transportation capital improvement projects.

  11. Connecticut State Library - Historic Documents Preservation Program: This program offers grants for projects that preserve and ensure access to Connecticut's governmental records and ensure their availability for public inspection

  12. Connecticut Department of Transportation - Local Bridge Program: It provides state grant funding to municipalities for the removal, replacement, reconstruction or rehabilitation of local bridges,or%20rehabilitation%20of%20local%20bridges.

  13. Connecticut Humanities Council - Quick Grants: These grants provide small amounts of funding on a rolling basis for humanities projects being carried out by community organizations

  14. Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority - Energy Efficiency Fund: This fund offers incentives and financial opportunities to help Connecticut communities and individuals improve energy efficiency

  15. Connecticut Department of Children and Families - Grant Opportunities: They offer numerous grants throughout the year, some of which are available to municipalities

  16. Connecticut Innovations - Connecticut Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR): This program provides Connecticut-based entrepreneurs with funding and resources

  17. Connecticut Department of Agriculture - Farm Viability Grants for Municipalities: This program offers matching funds assistance to municipalities seeking to enhance their agricultural viability

  18. Connecticut Office of Early Childhood - Early Childhood Grant Opportunities: Grants are available to support initiatives in early childhood development.

  19. Connecticut State Department of Environmental Protection - Recreational Trails Grants: This program provides financial assistance for recreational trail and greenway projects

  20. Connecticut Department of Housing - Affordable Homeownership Program: This program offers funds to municipalities to support affordable homeownership

  21. Connecticut Park and Forest Commission – The Recreational Trails & Greenways Grant Program: Offers grants for projects to maintain, enhance and enrich trails and greenways statewide

  22. Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation – 1772 Foundation Grant: This provides funds for preservation projects on important historic buildings and landscapes

  23. Connecticut Office of the Arts – Arts Project Grants: This grant program supports access to, creation of, and education in the arts across the state

  24. Department of Economic and Community Development - Historic Restoration Fund Grant: Grants for municipalities to conduct restoration work on historically significant buildings

  25. Connecticut Department of Agriculture - Farmland Restoration Program: Provides grants for projects aimed at restoring farmland to prime agricultural condition

  26. Community Investment Fund 2030: The CIF will award up to $175 million each fiscal year. It will be awarded across two or more application periods per year. The fund is a statewide program authorized in Section 32-285a of the Connecticut General Statutes. These state entities work together to award CIF grants: CIF Application Content Click here

  27. Urban Act Grant Program - The Urban Act grant program is open to all municipalities designated as economically distressed, public investment communities or urban centers. Funds are provided to improve and expand state activities which promote community conservation and development and improve the quality of life for urban residents of the state. More Information Here

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