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How a Business Podcast Helped Improve my Marketing Reach


I love podcasts. I listen to them every day. I’ve hosted a show in the past (FUELcast) and it’s picked up some traffic but now I’m rolling this out to my business.

About a month ago, I started a podcast based on a recommendation from a CMO consultant (Lucas), founder of Lucas reached out in response to my online inquiry and the ideas that he gave me were amazing…one of which being a podcast. In short - he used the example of how he gained over 2,000 monthly listeners in under six months.

He actually just wrote an article about his strategy that you can find here.

Now, I’m nowhere near his level of growth but one day I’m sure we will be.

Since publishing the first episode, our podcast is already growing faster than I could’ve imagined - and I haven’t even completed the marketing consultation. We had over 300 listeners in the first month…but how did that happen? How can this type of content help your marketing strategy? Let's explore some of the benefits of listening to podcasts and how they can help you improve your own brand.

I'm a fan

I'm a huge podcast fan. I listen to podcasts every day, and I always have my phone with me. When I'm in the car, working out at the gym, or cleaning the house—you name it!

I've been listening to podcasts for years now—and they've helped me learn so much about marketing.

My favorite podcasts are:

  • The Adam Carolla Show

  • Classic Loveline

  • Dr. Drew After Dark

  • The Joe Rogan Experience

  • Build With Rob

I listen to them every day

The next time you're working out, driving the car or cooking dinner, give podcasts a try. You might be surprised at how much they can help when it comes to your marketing.

They're how I stay outside my comfort zone

I’ve heard so many times, “I’m not a huge fan of being out of your comfort zone”. It can be awkward, uncomfortable, and stressful. If you're anything like me, you thrive here and when it comes to marketing my business through a podcast—that's exactly what I had to do.

In the past year alone, I've interviewed about 40 different people across both shows: entrepreneurs who run companies with thousands of employees; small-business owners who are just starting out; authors; doctors; lawyers; scientists and so on. These people work in fields that range from app development to nutrition science research to graphic design (and don't forget about me). So how did I manage?

I found that getting outside my comfort zone helped me grow as an interviewer because it forced me to learn about new topics, try new things and meet new people—all while doing something that was totally new for me! The result was better interviews that allowed listeners insight into the lives and mindsets behind their favorite brands.

Our podcast grew our website traffic by over 15%

Podcasts are a great way to build an audience, trust and brand awareness. They can also help you grow loyalty, community and customer retention.

In the past month, we have seen more than 15% growth in our website traffic from organic search results after launching our own podcast. In addition to that, we've been able to build a loyal audience who regularly listens to our episodes and engages with us through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Listening to podcasts helps me grow our website.

Listening to podcasts provides me with inspiration, guidance and essentially a cohort of people that I aspire to be. I mainly listen to comedy or business podcasts including those hosted by Adam Carolla, Dr. Drew Pinsky, Rob Dyrdek, Joe Rogan and the like.

I get out of my comfort zone and learn new things, stay informed about the latest trends and technology, and even develop my marketing skills.

Podcasts are one of those things that can be done anywhere, so it's easy to listen whenever you have time throughout the day or night. They're also great because they give you information without requiring much work on your part. You don't need any special equipment or even a pen and paper—just turn up the volume!

Being able to listen while commuting is especially beneficial since it keeps me entertained while driving between clients' offices. It's also fun listening with my headphones at home while doing other tasks like cleaning dishes or folding clothes (the latter only works if I'm wearing earbuds).


I hope you’ve enjoyed this little peek into how podcasts have helped me grow our website and improve my marketing. I know that there are many more great podcasts out there, so feel free to share your favorites in the comments!

The Disruptive Consulting Podcast

Founded by a self-proclaimed disruptor, The Disruptive Consulting podcast is intended to highlight guests that have proven to be disruptors in their industry or area of expertise for listeners interested in knowing more about improving their business through technology or consulting partnerships.

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